Tier 2 – Silver Level Personal Empowerment

Tier 2 – Silver Level Personal Empowerment and First Steps to Living Beyond your Pharmacy

If you are ready to finally Heal with no excuses and getting to the root of your problems with depression, this Tier 2 is for you!

Tier 2 is an upgrade to Tier 1 and includes Tier 1 benefits, plus more:

  • arrow-orange  Auto ship  of “Revive” right to your door. No more pharmacy visits, doctor co-pays, etc.
  • arrow-orange  Key integration into Wake Up Sense proprietary “self directed lab tests results” – which is crucial to your fast track healing.  This is the absolute missing link in Western medicine’s trial and error method. We will find out what you are deficient in.
  • arrow-orange  FREE quarterly webinar with key doctors and advisers on Wake Up Sense Team. (These guys should be on Fox Health News daily! Hint hint.) Question & Answer period where you can ask them anything you want about your symptoms. They have helped literally thousands heal without drugs.
  • arrow-orange  Access to third party, Board Certified Doctor (30+ years in practice), the “missing link and Western Medicine’s blind spots” with respect to healing depression and anxiety.  A comprehensive and structured educational program for understanding and coping with the Mind Body Syndrome.  Remember: All depression starts with internalized anger, fear or both. You absolutely must be able to get to the root of “why” you are suffering, and this program will do that!
  • arrow-orange  A 30-minute one-on-one expert consultation with Dr. Michael E. Platt.   Dr. Platt has helped literally thousands of people to get relief from hormone imbalances and off medications.

Revive – 5 HTP & MagnesiumRevive 
– All Natural Mood Stabilizer and Metabolic Support, Synergistic Ingredient % for Maximum Absorption.
Ingredients: Proprietary blend formulated to serve as prescription strength doses for an Orthomolecular effect at on the human body.
Click to see full label and ingredients.

Do NOT sign up for Silver Level Tier of Personal Health Empowerment if any of these apply to you:

  • I see myself on mental depression drug therapies for the rest of my life.
  • I only want to treat my symptoms and not the root causes of my symptoms.
  • I think the current medical system is working and need not be changed.
  • I look forward to the next month when I can only guess what next side affect I will wake up to.
  • I know everything there is to know about orthomolecular therapies, nutritional deficiencies and the role they have on my body and behavior.

We fully understand (I’ve been there with my benzo!) that an extra cost can be a transition, especially with your current cost of medications.  You will soon find that this is absolutely designed to help reduce your dependence on your present meds over time and alleviate those costs. It will take some time, but our protocols and formulations are written by professionals with over 25 years in medical science and intra-cellular healing. While we can’t possibly know your habits or level of buy-in to help yourself, we can promise you second-to-none treatment options, Wake Up Sense Revive supplements, and a treatment plan you just can’t get anywhere else.

Revive 5 HTP & Magnesium



arrow-orange  Order Revive Supplement (skip this step if you are already receiving Revive in Tier 1)

TOTAL: $74.77 per month

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arrow-orange  $747.00 one-time fee for live webinars, and self intake form consultation, and a third party doctor designed protocol.

arrow-orange  Wake Up Sense Portion (includes 30-minute Consultation with Dr. Platt):  $647.00 (NOTE: After making this payment, you will be redirected back to this page to make the third-party payment below.  Due to third-party alliances, anonymity and disclosures, that program must be paid for in a separate check out, obtaining login and password, for the online step-by-step course.)

arrow-orange  Third Party Doctor Portion:  $100.00
CLICK HERE to set up your account and Buy Program“A comprehensive and structured educational program for understanding and coping with the Mind Body Syndrome.”



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