Tier 1 – Bronze Level Empowerment

Tier 1 – Bronze Level Empowerment Membership to Health and Healing

I don’t think there is a bigger mystery in life than what is truly happening in our bodies. Wouldn’t you agree? We age, we break down in ways and it’s a very subtle slow descend that you don’t notice until that first step out of bed is no longer effortless. We mask over it, we live our daily lives and we subconsciously accept, at least on some level, that this is just the normal progression of life. We are constantly bombarded with the next supplement, magic lotion or anti-aging marketing gimmick that lures us down a path. We buy imagery and marketing, not necessarily true, tangible and proven tools to help us heal. We all do it. The mind is a very powerful thing and we will always buy health products to gain pleasure or reduce pain. It’s how human beings survive. This is not more evident in the pills we buy, the professionals we entrust or the modality of healing we have ultimately chosen.

That is why Your Tier 1 – Empowerment Membership to Health and Healing is so vital for now and the years to come.

What this membership is NOT:

  • A once per month payment for hype and empty promises you will never use! ( We all have those right?).
  • A continuous barrage of pushing you the next weight loss supplement, cholesterol lowering HDL gimmick or face lift cream down your throat! ( I have opted out of many of these over the years!)
  • An onslaught of reading outdated and archaic medical journals to confuse you into submission!
  • A feeder program for getting you to buy more prescription medication!

What you will receive NOW and in the years to come with YOUR Empowerment Membership to Health and Healing:

  • arrow-orange  Over two decades of research-backed protocols to start educating YOU on another choice and path for nutritional healing nutritionally with organic minerals (much more on that later… you won’t see this on FOX Health News, trust me!).
  • arrow-orange  Immediate access to the research done by two industry professionals with over 30 years experience with disciplines in nutrition and orthomolecular therapies that have been used for decades but until now kept from you!
  • arrow-orange  Immediate access to Dr. Michael Gonzalez’s interview video, and other exclusive interviews from Medical Doctors and Scientists around the world that have trained numerous Doctors worldwide on how to treat with nutrition and cellular therapies as an alternative to western medicine and synthetic drugs.
  • arrow-orange  Weekly and monthly interviews and updates from industry professionals educating YOU on such misunderstood problems in your health, such as: The Truth behind High Blood Pressure and how to reverse it! Most get it wrong, I know I did. Why most of the billion-dollar supplement industry might be a big marketing sham! This came as quite a shock to me as I had spent over $150 per month on supplements! Hint—do these supplements ever actually penetrate the cell where they actually can help? You will now have access to the truth about what’s going in your body.
  • arrow-orange  Weekly email updates with tricks and tips you can use every single week to be the master of your own body and take back control beyond your pharmacy… This is worth the price of admission alone!
  • arrow-orange  Access to our online healing forum.  This is crucial to get you out of your daily habits and routine.  Isolationism is a major reason why so many are suffering in silence and this forum, along with your live webinars with the experts and follow up will get you un-stuck from your current patterns.
  • Revive – 5 HTP & Magnesiumarrow-orange  Our proprietary “Revive” All Natural Supplement for reducing depression and anxiety symptoms naturally and step by step help to slowly reduce and eventually eliminate your dependence or need from dangerous synthetic drugs.
    Revive – All Natural Mood Stabilizer and Metabolic Support, Synergistic Ingredient % for Maximum Absorption.
    Ingredients: Proprietary blend formulated to serve as prescription strength doses for an Orthomolecular effect at on the human body.
    Click to see full label and ingredients.

Revive 5 HTP & Magnesium

arrow-orange  TOTAL: $74.77 per month

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Reminder:  Healing and feeling better is a process, not an event. Your body has been depleted over time so give our products, processes and communal support some time to guide and help you. By following the Wake Up Sense path, you will lessen the need for doctor visits, co pays and the fogginess from dangerous pharmaceuticals.

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