Online Shop: Revive – 5 HTP & Magnesium

Revive – 5 HTP & Magnesium
Revive 5-HTP –  Better Because Our Formulation Includes Magnesium & Other Nutrients Which Facilitate Cellular Penetration, All Natural Mood Stabilizer And Anxiety Relief, Made In The USA

  • HELLO, I’m Scott, the Founder & CEO of Wake Up Sense. As someone who suffered through 9 long, grueling years of depression and felt all the nasty side effects of big pharma treatments, I realized that ingesting a synthetic drug wasn’t the answer. I found a better way of healing at a cellular level that was developed by renowned doctors and backed by clinical trials. Let me share these all natural products and proven protocols with you.
  • CLINICAL TRIALS back up Revive 5-HTP’s claims. No other 5-HTP supplement has used clinical trials to prove their effectiveness! Revive is physician-developed & scientifically formulated by a world renowned orthomolecular scientist, with clinical research studies conducted in the United States proving that 97.6% of women and men who use 5-HTP Revive, and follow our simple step-by-step instructions, show significant signs of improvement within days!
  • CELLULAR PENETRATION OF NUTRIENTS – Our special formulation is packed with B vitamins, methyl folate, magnesium, and a host of other nutrients, allowing your body’s natural enzymes to penetrate at a deeper level, thereby significantly enhancing the effectiveness of the supplement. The co-enzyme factors of the formulation allows for faster acting nutrients to enter your body’s cells, allowing you to “feel” a boost your overall mood much faster.
  • ALL-NATURAL APPETITE SUPPRESSANT, SLEEP AID, & MOOD ENHANCER – These capsules are a simple way to ensure you’re getting enough of this important nutrient every day. Revive helps reduce body fat, promotes lean muscle growth, helps to support your overall mood, promotes healthy sleep, and helps combat depression and anxiety. It is an appetite suppressant to help regulate weight by compensating for serotonin deficiencies in the body.
  • Revive 5-HTP is a natural supplement derived from Griffonia Simplicifolia, a plant native to West and Central Africa.

Revive – All Natural Mood Stabilizer and Metabolic Support, Synergistic Ingredient % for Maximum Absorption.
Ingredients: Proprietary blend formulated to serve as prescription strength doses for an Orthomolecular effect at on the human body. See ingredients label below.

One Bottle, 30-day supply:  $74.77

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Revive 5 HTP & Magnesium

Revive 5 HTP Magnesium

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